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For the Big People!

The brand new Bobblies are bursting with fun ideas for kids. We are bobbling like crazy to bring cartoons, story books, games and mobile apps to entertain preschool and older children. It's all about clean safe fun with the Bobblies, but that's not to say children won't snack on some learning along the way! Like all good Bobblies, kids will learn that friendship and teamwork always make for happy endings.

The Bobblies is the creation of identical twins - one a writer/programmer, one an animator/illustrator. Thanks for bobbling by, drop us any comments and please remember if you like The Bobblies, like them on facebook!

The Bobblies first book is out on Amazon! Lily's Song is a young children's book with a warm, happy ending. Adventures await when Hugo gets lost in the forest and Lily saves the day in this funny and touching story of friendship. Available now from Amazon. Buy an e-book version here